Ok, so you can get down on your knees, bring out the shiny new ring and pop the question.  Very traditional.  Very not you.  Whatever you can dream, we will make it happen. Want some ideas? Check out some of these possibilities:

  • Take her to the aquarium and a diver will unroll a proposal for her to see as you stroll on by.
  • Aerial banners message as you are casually strolling around a lake.
  • Propose during any one of our adventure weekends.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Instead of getting wasted, end your single life with an exciting adventure with your closest friends.  No bail bondsman needed.  No threats of break-up from your significant other.

Private couple weddings or invite your family and friends for a truly memorable experience for all.  They will enjoy the adventure more than the pastel dress and returnable suit with adjustable waistband.

Tag a week-long stay onto any package.  Longer if you like.  Let us know what accommodations you desire and we can arrange for anything from backpacking to a 5 star resort.  We even know of an underwater hotel for the truly adventurous!

Here are commonly accepted ideas for traditional and modern anniversary gifts.

Traditional Modern
1st Anniversary Paper Clocks
2nd Anniversary Cotton China
3rd Anniversary Leather Crystal
4th Anniversary Fruit or Flowers Appliances
5th Anniversary Wood Silverware
6th Anniversary Well there won’t be a 6th if you had these gifts!

Too traditional? Try something new and exciting for you anniversary.  Pick a great adventure and spend your time on a romantic getaway.  That way you may make it to the 25th, 50th or even 75th anniversary.  Or at least have fun getting there!

Vow renewals
Just like New Year’s Resolutions, you need to revisit your intentions to keep them on track.  Vow renewals do just that, or at least they give you a great reason to go have some fun with your love!

Romantic getaways
Birthday? Valentines Day? Other special occasion? No occasion necessary, whisk away your love on a surprise fun-filled weekend or vacation.

Custom Vows
As part of any wedding or vow renewal package we provide vows tailored to the chosen adventure.  No, these won’t be “gag me” vows.  They will be whimsical, upbeat, exciting words of wisdom to guide you down the adventuresome path….ask us about special customization of your vows.

Ok, here’s the deal.  We take your digital photo or video your event.  For free.  Or we hire a professional to do it.  Your choice.  Ask us for sample photos.

You can arrange it yourself, or we will get you from here to there.

No Hassle All Inclusive Packages
We can plan your entire adventure from getting there, activities, meals, etc. Let us know what you need and we will take care of it.