Cathy and Jack

The kids are in college doing exciting things like rock climbing, scuba diving and skydiving. It is our turn now. We want to experience the joy our kids feel when they try new adventures. For our vow renewal, we chose the hot air balloon ride. What a rush! The sense of excitement and raw beauty reinvigorated our spirits. We have a fresh outlook on life and are planning our next celebration with Adventure Weddings – our 25th Anniversary!



Diane and Juan

We are in our final year of college and wanted to get married before we graduate.  We have significant debt and so do our friends.  We could not afford a large wedding nor did we want our friends to have the cost burden of travel, special clothing, and gifts. Instead we chose to do a hot air balloon wedding and spend our honeymoon in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Our wedding was a success!  We will always remember this special occasion with no regrets!



Cyndy and Ryan

Thank you so much for a amazing adventure!  We wanted to celebrate our anniversary in an unusual way and when we saw the Sky High Adventure we knew that was for us!  We took a 1 hour ride then had a romantic lunch at a quaint restaurant by the river and then back again.  The weather was perfect, the ride was thrilling, and the lunch was delicious.  Thanks!



Lynne and Matt

Matt is such a romantic!  For our proposal he took me to Summit County for the weekend and we did an all day white water trip.  After that we headed to dinner on the top of Keystone Mountain.  There is a very nice  nice restaurant accessible by gondola.  Adventure Weddings arranged for a unique proposal – the gondola was filled with heart shaped balloons and one of the balloons contained my engagement ring.  Of course, I said yes.



Katrina and Jon

Katrina and I have been married for 28 years and we thought it was time to renew our vows and combine that with a vacation.  Katrina wanted to go on a motorcycle trip, then we saw that she could learn to ride and ride a rental Harley Sportster.  Why not?  Katrina passed the riding class with flying colors and we took off for a week long ride through the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  We stayed at luxurious mountain resorts and riverside cabins.  Our vow renewal took place at sunrise creekside on our last day of the trip.  It was a reinvigorating adventure.



Mary and Len

At first we thought we would elope and get married in Vegas.  We just wanted a simple marriage ceremony and only had a weekend to do it before Len went back to Iraq.  A friend of ours told us about Adventure Weddings and we found exactly what we were looking for – fun, convenient, different.  We took our mountain bikes and got married atop Keystone mountain and rode down the challenging hillside on our bikes.  The accommodations were perfect with huge deck overlooking the mountain.  It was a weekend filled with fun and memories we will cherish every anniversary.