Our Story

We are a fun couple who decided to get married in the cockpit of an airplane.  Well, Pete decided that.  It was a surprise to me.  We planned on getting married in an unconventional way, and I was thinking perhaps an underwater wedding.  That way I could speed up the process of Pete getting certified to dive.  I am a scuba instructor, and well, Pete is also known as “The Procrastinator”.  We dated two years and I still had yet to see him underwater.  That was my plan thus far.

We did agree that we did not want to spend a lot of money on a wedding and we did not want to have our friends buy pastel colored dresses and rent matching tuxedos.  We did not want toasters, blenders, or monogrammed bath towels.  We did not want to plan for our special day for over a year.  That reminds me of a Thanksgiving Dinner that takes all day to cook, but only 15 minutes to eat.  Well, except for I don’t cook, and neither does Pete.  Too busy seeking new adventures…and perhaps planning your adventure!

So, back to our story.  We started our adventure by going snowboarding for a few days, then we were going to catch a plane to California for the wedding.  Pete said the details were taken care of.  I was happy with that. The day for our planned trip to California, several feet of snow hit Denver and essentially eliminated any chance of returning from our snowboarding trip to Denver in time for our flight.  Stuck in the Colorado mountains (not really a bad thing), there were no planes, no trains, no busses, no way to the airport.  We ending up driving to Utah to catch a flight to California. Along the way we stopped at Walmart. Weddings by Walmart, we will always refer to it as.  We bought our rings for $34 bucks each, and also bought a six-pack of underwear and a few changes of clothes.   Casual clothes, like T-shirts and sweats.  We picked up matching flip flops when we arrived in Newport Beach, CA.

Our friends picked us up at the airport, then we spent a few nights in an incredible beachfront house, compliments of our good friends Mark and Kat.  Then we went for a ride.  A plane ride in a little Cessna Jet. We flew up above Channel Islands, and we flew in a ring pattern.  At that point Mark asked if we had vows….oops.  Pete mumbled “well, do ya, or don’t ya?” and I muttered “can you put up with me for the rest of your life?” Mark responded….”with the power vested in me by that church on the internet”….and the rest, as they say, is history!

That was it.  Minimal planning, economical, adventuresome, and something we will never forget.

We think you too may be interested in an adventure…..