Q. What is Adventure Weddings role?

A. We are here to assist you in making the most memorable, exciting, unique wedding or romantic adventure dream come true!

Q. Why have an Adventure Wedding?

A. Adventure Weddings or Adventure Romantic Getaways are not for everyone. It is the perfect way to celebrate for those who live the adventuresome life or for those who want to introduce adventure to their lives with their loved ones. It provides an unforgettable experience, something you and your family and friends will talk about for years.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The costs vary due to the customization of each package. It is possible to spend as little at $1,200 for a Weekend Wedding or the sky’s the limit for those who have time and an incredible sense of adventure. There is no adventure we can’t arrange for your special event.

Q. What experience do I need to do the adventures?

A. NONE.  You can learn it as part of the adventure.  We offer some of the best and most achievable adventures and will arrange for you to learn how to do it too!

Q. Can you help me with wedding vows?

A. Yes!  We have vows specific to your chosen adventure….not your traditional vows though.  They are fun but meaningful words to celebrate your life together.  You will not find words like OBEY either.  You can also customize the vows to add your own chosen words to the theme vows or supply the entire vow yourself.

Q. What licensing do I need to get married?

A. Licensing requirements depend on what state you get married in. Check out www.usmarriagelaws.com for state specific laws.

Q. I don’t see the package I want. Can I customize it?

A. Our packages really are examples for you to get ideas.  You can take them as they are or modify them in anyway to meet your needs.

Q. What about weather?

A. If weather becomes an issue, we may need to schedule to an alternate day.   Unfortunately, weather is not as predictable as we like, but we promise to work with you to make adjustments as they arise.

Q. I would like to invite guests. Are there restrictions on guests?

A. No, they can be part of the adventure or be a spectator.

Q. What kind of notice do you need?

A. Notice can be as soon as one week for habitual procrastinators or for those who live spontaneously.  The notice required is ultimately dependent on the type of adventure you select and the degree of customization desired.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. We can reschedule many activities if you are able to do so.  Unfortunately circumstances do arise where you may not be able to, or care to,  keep a commitment for whatever reason.  We are flexible for changing circumstances.  Whenever costs are involved and have been allocated at time of cancellation, those dollars will be forfeited from your deposit. The remaining cost of the deposit will be returned with a gift certificate for you to use at any time for any adventure and any occasion in the future.  So if you get cold feet, you can warm them up with a scuba diving adventure some other time!

Q. I don’t see the adventure I want, are there others?

A. There is no limit to the adventures.  What you can imagine, we can arrange!

Q. Do I need insurance?

A. Some of the activities requires specific insurance (motorcycle rides).  It is also a good idea to have medical coverage if you do outdoor adventures.   Waivers are required with all the activities, perhaps one of the reasons you are attracted to such activities.

Q. What name should I travel under – married or maiden?

A. Your maiden name due to security travel restrictions.